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Hello, I’m David Younger. I’m a Melbourne-based clinical psychologist as well as natural disaster and emergency recovery consultant. I’d like to share some of my journey to help paint a picture of how I got to where I am today, and outline the kind of work that I do.

Back in 2004 I faced some really big challenges. These events were a catalyst to evaluating my values, relationships and priorities. As a result I made the decision to commit to living a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment, and to helping others achieve lasting change. I completed my training as a psychologist with the aim of supporting rural Victorian communities, and within a few years I found myself working with some lovely country people.

The next major challenge came in 2009, when the Black Saturday bushfires raged across Victoria. At the time I was living and working close to one of the fire-affected areas, so soon became deeply involved in treating and supporting survivors. The bushfires not only took their toll on community members, but also on the health professionals assisting their recovery. Recognising a need, I set up a peer support group for health professionals and became involved in community recovery initiatives.

Nowadays, I’m an endorsed clinical psychologist with over 16 years’ experience in private practice, helping people across a broad range of mental health conditions. In my work as a natural disaster and emergency recovery consultant, I partner with communities, agencies, and local and state governments across Australia. I have been a trusted advisor after numerous events including bushfires, floods, droughts, cyclones, the 2017 Bourke Street tragedy, thunderstorm asthma, and COVID-19.

My approach is one of warmth and compassion. I aim to form a partnership with all my clients – to walk your journey with you. I also have a strong capacity for innovative and strategic thinking, which has enabled me to assist many people at times of extreme hardship and distress.

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