Clinical Psychology

Making the decision to book a psychology appointment is not always easy. Having assisted many people over the years, I recognise the importance of taking that first step to seek professional mental health support. I provide a range of clinical psychology services tailored to your needs.

Clinical psychology assessment and treatment services are available for adults and youth across a broad range of mental health conditions. I use therapy approaches influenced by recent advancements in care that have been validated by scientific research. Reducing your emotional distress whilst improving wellbeing, is one of my main aims.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace that supports and strengthens team members’ resilience is crucial to organisational success. The COVID-19 pandemic, among other events, has caused significant disruption to everyday life. Many employees are experiencing fatigue, reduced motivation, and concern regarding their future. I am experienced in providing clinical psychology employee assistance (EAP) to individuals, as well as facilitating group wellbeing workshops.


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