• COVID-19 Organisational Support

  • David has been assisting communities, organisations, agencies, and individuals throughout Australia for the last eleven years respond to and recover from emergencies and natural disasters. He is widely considered a subject matter expert in the area of psychosocial recovery and is already providing support services in regard to COVID-19 in Victoria and interstate.

    David understands that the threat of COVID-19 is causing widespread disruption to daily life and high levels of anxiety for many. David also recognises that the current circumstances are creating unfamiliar circumstances for organisations and their staff. As a result, the practice is now providing expert consultancy support and advice to organisations including:

    • Webinars: For managers and staff about various topics relevant to the COVID-19 emergency.
    • Training and Development: Assistance and advice with the development of specific training packages.
    • Communications: Advice and guidance about how best to communicate (verbally and written) with staff during an emergency.
    • Video Vignettes: Short pre-recorded video summaries tailored to the current needs of an organisation which can then be easily circulated amongst a workforce.
    • Distance Mentoring: Video conferencing or phone support for managers and staff (individual and small group) who are finding themselves in unfamiliar circumstances and faced with great uncertainty.
    • Distance Counselling: For individuals who may require more intensive support and assistance at this time.

    Please contact the practice directly to discuss the needs of your organisation. Please also refer to the ‘Bio’ page on the practice website for more information about David’s background and areas of expertise.