• Innovative Projects

  • Personal Resilience: Promoting Adaptability and Well-Being

    With extensive experience supporting individuals and communities effected by disaster and crisis, David has long held the view that emergency first responders are at risk of traumatisation. This view is supported by scientific research and during 2017, David will be partnering with a state government department to develop and pilot a resilience and preparedness training program for first responders and other staff. It is envisaged that when finalised, this program will become an integral part of preparedness training within Victoria.

  • Strengthening Resilience

    In 2013 and in conjunction with Kildonan Uniting Care, David authored a Strengthening Resilience training course. He then delivered the training program to over 100 call centre staff who were coming into contact with customers experiencing increasing levels of vulnerability and hardship. This resilience training has since been delivered to various private sector organisations including National Australia Bank.