• Telehealth – Distance Psychology Services

  • Distance psychology services, often referred to as telehealth, are a psychological counselling and therapy service that is delivered via video conference (both a visual and audio link) or phone (audio only) between a client and their treating health professional.

    During a time when the Australian community is facing an unprecedent threat in the form of COVID-19, David has adapted the practice and a full range of telehealth assessment and treatment services are now available. There is good scientific research to support the effectiveness of providing distance services and for most people, after a little bit of time, it feels just as comfortable as a face to face appointment. One of the practice staff can talk you through the technology required to run a distance session.

    Distance psychological counselling and therapy is provided for many of the mental health challenges listed under ‘Individuals’ on the ‘Services’ tab of the practice website. In addition, distance services are available for the following:

    • COVID-19: Provided via Medicare funded appointments to help protect Australians including vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those with chronic health conditions, pregnant woman, parents of young children, people who have contracted COVID-19, or those who have been required to isolate themselves in quarantine.
    • Rural and Remote: Provided via Medicare subsidised appointments to help assist and support Australians living in rural, remote and very remote areas.
    • Bushfire: In response to the recent bushfires which affected vast areas of Australia and many Australian communities, Medicare funded appointments are also available.
    • Third Party Funders: At this stage WorkCover, Department of Veterans Affairs, some insurers, and the organisations that the practice provides EAP for have all agreed to support Distance treatment.
    • Private: The practice is providing privately funded distance services if you do not fulfill any of the criteria above. Please contact the practice to discuss costs.