Disasters and Emergencies

There is no denying that we are living in times of unprecedented change. Australian communities and organisations are at the forefront of learning to live with the disruptive effects of increasingly frequent and intense natural disasters. With over a decade’s experience, I help people recognise that hidden within adversity are opportunities for adaptation, recovery and growth.

Australian communities have a reputation for being ‘resilient’ and ‘just getting on with it’, but even the most resilient communities can underestimate the impacts of a natural disaster. I support Australian communities to understand the recovery journey, so that pitfalls can be avoided and opportunities for recovery and growth strengthened.

The recovery journey of communities and the adults, parents, carers, youth and children that comprise them, is complex and long-term. I am experienced in advising organisations, recovery agencies, as well as local and state governments, to hear the community’s voice, to identify their needs, and to implement supportive psychosocial recovery strategies. I also provide recommendations to promote the creation of a mentally and emotionally healthy workplace.

For many people, responding to a disaster and then working in community recovery is a new and unfamiliar experience. For an organisation, supporting the needs of a disaster affected community whilst preserving the wellbeing of team members can seem daunting. I facilitate a wide range of workshops focussed on disaster and emergency recovery as well as workforce wellbeing.

Accurate and credible information about disaster and emergency preparedness and recovery is central to supporting Australian communities. Nowadays, digital media can be used in a variety of creative ways to better connect with and inform people.


My presentations and keynotes are engaging, thought provoking and relevant. Contact me to discuss topics that I speak about or alternatively, you may have an important talking point that is relevant.

Advisory Roles

Helping communities recover and better prepare for future events is one of my strongest motivators. I have been a trusted advisor after numerous disasters and emergencies, and use my clinical psychology expertise combined with disaster recovery experience, to identify solutions for individuals and the whole community.


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